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List of the newest books at WLPL
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Pop of the bumpy mummy / 6 Cummings, Troy, Alexander's class is going on a sleepover at the Stermont Museum, but something is stealing bright, shiny objects from all over town, including the museum's treasured Ruby Scorpion, and on... BC CUM
That neighbor kid / Miyares, Daniel. In this nearly wordless picture book, a young girl spies on her new neighbor, a young boy who is building something from planks of the fence between their backyards. E MIY
The Noel diary : Evans, Richard Paul. "Jason Chercher is not doing well in love or life. Just two weeks after his wife leaves him he receives a phone call that his estranged mother has passed away, days before Christmas--leaving her... AF EVA
The Notebook of Doom. Cummings, Troy. "Alexander, Rip, and Nikki are at summer camp up in the Gloamy Mountains. And it is REALLY hot! But suddenly, it starts snowing - and with the snow comes the snombies! Snombies are snow monsters... BC CUM
The wolf, the duck & the mouse / Barnett, Mac. When a mouse is swallowed by a wolf, he learns that a duck devoured earlier has set up a table to enjoy the food the gluttonous predator eats. This is a story about a duck and mouse who get swallowed... E KLA

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