Books, Bytes & Beyond

In 2015, WLPL embraced its second love (literacy being the first), bicycling, and formed a cycle team, Books, Bytes & Beyond. It was destiny for this group of five cyclists, as just a few months later RAGBRAI named West Liberty, Iowa one of it's pass-thru towns on their way to the Mississippi River. You bet the BBB team capitalized on that, coupled it with an awareness campaign and a super supportive community, and raised $5,000 for the Library. Since then, the Books, Bytes, & Beyond team continues to cycle for library awareness and the promotion of literacy and learning. If you see us on the road, wave! If we meet you on the trail, stop us; we would love to chat.

Library Hours

10 am-7 pm
Fri & Sun
2 pm-5 pm
Closed Saturday