We are YOUR Library!

What Makes Us Special?

Dewey is Dust!
We left Dewey Decimal System in the dust, a while ago. We moved forward to a more user friendly library.

We Save Tax Dollars

We use Koha. We were the second public library in the nation to go live with open-source Koha, the sofware we use for our catalog of books and other items. Outside of the staff time it takes to maintain open-source, it costs our community $0 dollars in subscription fees.

We Provide Creative Access

Betty Akers Creative Space-- first library in Muscatine County with a space dedicated to out-of-the-box learning opportunities.

We Use Open-Source Code

What is open-source? Open-source code is software code and projects that are freely distributed to anyone. Why is that important? We want to use the resources given to WLPL in the most efficient way. WLPL also believes in the open-source mentality of technology that is steered by a growing community of users working together to achieve goals and openly sharing our knowledge with others.

Library Hours

10 am-7 pm
Fri & Sun
2 pm-5 pm
Closed Saturday

Find Us

400 N Spencer Street
West Liberty, IA 52776
(319) 627-2084